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Eletrobras Companies seek minimal intervention in biodiversity in the planning, implementation and operation of their enterprises. Management and minimization of impacts on biodiversity, aiming for zero net loss, are priority themes in the companies' strategy and a guideline to be followed from planning to operation of the enterprises.

For each identified impact, actions are proposed to avoid, reduce, mitigate, repair and/or compensate these impacts, preventing risks. Potentializing actions for conservation and recovery of biodiversity and ecosystem services, seeking a net positive impact, in the regions where companies are located is also part of the strategy for managing the theme, which is guided by the biodiversity guidelines of Eletrobras Companies Environmental Policy.

Since 2012, our System of Indicators for Corporate Sustainability Management (IGS System) – Environment Dimension – has specific indicators and variables for the management of biodiversity, including indicators related to biodiversity targets.

In addition to the studies developed by the Working Group on Aquatic Resources and Biodiversity Eletrobras also develops activities in partnership with several entities, such as the Technical Committee on Biodiversity (CTBio) of the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), the Center for Sustainability Studies of Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGVces) and the Lasting Initiative for Earth - LIFE.

Learn more about the partnerships of the Working Group with CEBDS, with FGV and with the Lasting Initiative for Earth – LIFE.

We are signatories of the Brazilian Business Commitment to Biodiversity. The document sets out nine goals to be met by 2030 and aims to emphasize the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services to companies, based on the premise of action aligned with national and global biodiversity strategic plans.

In 2020, we joined to the Business for Nature initiative called Call to Action, a call for collective actions to reverse nature loss by 2030. These actions are in line with our goal of being an active agent for nature conservation, biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15 – Terrestrial Life - was prioritized by Eletrobras Companies, in 2020, and biodiversity indicators and targets were defined in the Business and Management Master Plan. The targets aim to expand actions for the conservation and recovery of biodiversity in the regions where the companies are located, as follows:

• Zero loss of vegetated and/or forested areas by companies

• Inclusion of new threatened species in conservation projects carried out by the companies

• Increased investment in projects that contribute to biodiversity management - 1% per year compared to % of base year

• Increased carbon fixation in biomass (ton.) - 5% per year compared to the previous year.

The progress of the goals is monitored by the Environmental Dimension and the Business Performance Dimension of the IGS System and monitored quarterly by the Board of Directors, the Sustainability and Strategic Governance Committee, the Executive Board and the Environment Committee of the Eletrobras companies.

Total area protected and/or reforested by the companyAnnual for five years
2021Zero loss of vegetated and/ or forested area caused by subsidiaries' activities203,024 ha of forested areas
Species in the IUCN Red List and national conservation lists included in programs to preserve threatened speciesAnnual for five years2021Inclusion of new threatened species in conservation programs55 endangered species in conservation projects of Eletrobras companies, of which 29 were included in 2021
Investment in projects supporting biodiversity managementAnnual for five years2021A 1% annual increase in viluntary investment from the baseline13,289,751 BRL voluntarily invested in biodiversity conservation projects
Biomass carbon stocks (t)Annual for five years2021A 5% annual increase from the previous yearFixation of approximately 90 thousand tCO₂e in biomass, a value 19% higher than in the previous year.

In addition, in 2021 we included in our portfolio of public notices a specific public notice for socio-environmental projects focused on biodiversity.


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