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Gender and Race Equity and Diversity​

The search for equal opportunities for all people - regardless of sex, color, ethnic group, age, sexual orientation, social origin, physical or mental capacity - is one of our commitments related to the human rights and non-discrimination. This commitment is stated in the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Eletrobras Companies and in our guidelines of social responsibility.

Gender and race equity

All our companies integrate the Permanent Committee for Gender Issues of the Ministry of Mines and Energy and Related Companies, allowing the unification of policies, the sharing of experiences and the development of practices directed to gender issues.

This integration is strengthened by the Gender and Race Pro-Equity Program, an initiative developed by Special Secretary of Politics for Women (SPM) with the partnership of UN Women and International Labour Organization (ILO). Currently in its 6th edition, the Gender and Race Pro-Equity Program ​aims at the equity of gender and race in the work world, with emphasis on three principles:

1. Promoting citizenship and combating discrimination in access, remuneration, rise and stay in employment of women and men;

2. Commitment with the equity of gender and race, prioritizing the management of people and the organizational culture of the company/institution;

3. The organizations can adopt good labor practices with criteria of equity of gender and race as opportunities to improve the business/organizational management and promote the technological innovation, economy, the productivity and the efficiency of quality goods and services.

With the support of SPM, our companies develop internally the program through an action plan elaborated and agreed with the Secretariat, aiming at extending the concept of corporate responsibility from the incorporation of equity of gender and non-discrimination, relevant concepts for our sustainability practices. Get to know the Eletrobras Action Plan for the 6th edition of the Gender and Race Pro-Equity Program.​

Bloomberg Gender Equity Index - Selo.png


Aiming at contributing for the women's valorization and empowerment, in August 2010, we joined the seven Principles of Women's Empowerment, thus strengthening our commitment with the gender equity and related to the human rights. The Principles of Women's Empowerment are the result of a partnership between the UN Women and the UN Global Pact, of which we​ are signatory.


Diversity indicators

Find out the percentage of women and men in management positions in our companies:

Top Management0  
Junior Management  

Manage ment in revenue-generating functions  
STEM related positions



See the percentage of women in the workforce and in management positions from 2014 to 2020:​

2014 2015​ 2016​ 2017​2018
Women in the workforce ​19% 19%​ 19%​ 19%​​19%
Women in management positions ​20% ​20% ​20% ​21%​21%

Our 2020 target for women in management positions is 21%, and since 2017 Eletrobras companies achieve this goal.

Workforce Breakdown: Race/ Ethnicity & Nationality (2020):

BreakdownShare in total workforce (%)Share in all management positions, including junior, middle and senior management (% management)
Black or African American34.921.8
Indigenous or Native0.40.3
Not declared3.63.3

Equity Remuneration (2020):

Employee Level Average Female Salary Average Male Salary  Ratio (Female / Male) 
Executive Level (base salary only) 49,862.57 50,485.86 0.99 
Executive level (base salary + other cash incentives) 57,955.65 58,680.10 0.99 
Management Level (base salary only) 15,939.24 
15,493.83 1.03 
Management Level (base salary + other cash incentives) 23,952.76 25,111.70 0.95 
Non-management level 10,658.96 11,599.61 0.92 

Total Employee Turnover Rate: 

2017 2018  2019 2020 
Total employee turnover rate 5.85 7.01 10.04 4.32 
Voluntary employee turnover rate 1.33 1.01 0.33 0.53 

The total annual compensation of the Chief Executive Officer in 2020 was R$ 628,268.52 (not including the amount received as a member of the Board of Directors). The total average annual fixed remuneration for Eletrobras employees was R$ 146,118.52, giving a ratio of 4.3 between them.

Same-sex civil unions

Since October 2007, we have been allowing that employees include their partners from same-sex civil unions as dependents in the health insurance plan. This recognition is in line with the values that we disseminate that ensure equal treatment, repudiating any manifestations of prejudice.

Human Capital Return on Investment (in BRL R$)

20172018 20192020
a) Total Revenue 37,876,024,000 24,975,747,000 27,725,526,65029,080,513,731
b) Total Operating Expenses20,202,00011,039,284 21,113,47826,371,596
c) Total employee-related expenses (salaries + benefits)7,721,9385,0115,212 5,827,6064,742,852
Resulting HC ROI (a - (b-c)) / c4,903.374,978.80 4,754.996,126.88
Total Employees (used for all indicators)22,92115,658 14,36913,803