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Energy Generation

We are the largest Brazilian electricity generation company. We produced about 170 million MWh accumulated until 4Q2022.

Our installed capacity reached 42,559 MW in 4Q2022, which represents 23% of the total installed in Brazil. Of our total installed capacity, around 97% comes from clean sources, with low emission of greenhouse gases.

Among our 35 hydroelectric plants, 9 thermoelectric plants powered by natural gas, oil and coal, 20 wind plants and one solar plant, in addition to participation in other generation assets of the National Interconnected System (SIN), distributed throughout the national territory, are some of the largest projects in Brazil and in the world, in addition to structuring and pioneering projects in the country.

Net Generation by Source (GWh)  - 4Q2022CorporatePartnerships (SPEs)TOTAL
Natural Gas

*Note: Accumulated figures for Power Generation in the table include the Angra I, II nuclear plants until the transfer of control in the capitalization process and the 1Q22 of UHE Itaipu

The data presented consider corporate ventures, participation in SPEs and shared ownership.

The Tucuruí, Complexo Paulo Afonso, Itaparica, Sobradinho, Xingó, Furnas, Itumbiara, Belo Monte plants and the Megawatt Solar plant are some of our projects.

Projects are in the works stage that will add almost 1 GW to Eletrobras' installed capacity, between 2021 and 2030, considering the implementation of the Angra 3 Plant (Eletrobras Eletronuclear), the Santa Cruz natural gas thermal plant (Eletrobras Furnas), the Coxilha Negra wind farm (CGT Eletrosul) and CGH Cachoeira Branca (CGT Eletrosul). In September 2022, the implementation of the 4th machine at AHE Curuá-Una (Eletrobras Eletronorte) was completed, adding 12.5 MW of installed capacity in Eletrobras' commercial operation.

Within the scope of the capitalization process, Eletrobras had its participation in the thermonuclear projects Angra 1, Angra 2 (both in operation), and Angra 3 (in the implementation stage), reduced to 35.9%.

We continue to seek and study opportunities to operate in new businesses from different generation sources, prioritizing clean energy and gas-fired thermal opportunities.

The inventory studies of the hydroelectric potential in the stretch of the Madeira River basin and its main tributaries located in Bolivian and Brazilian territory  will also be held in a partnership with Bolivia's National Electricity Company (Ende) and the Latin American Development Bank (CAF).

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