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Energy Generation

Eletrobras reached an installed capacity of 44,654.5 MW in generation projects by the end of 2023, representing 22% of the 199,324.6 MW installed in Brazil. Of Eletrobras' total capacity, 65% consists of projects wholly owned by Eletrobras, 33% are projects carried out through Special Purpose Entities (SPEs), and 2% are jointly owned projects. 

In 2023, there was a notable increase in installed capacity by 2,095 MW. This includes 150 MW from the completion of the combined cycle of the Santa Cruz Thermal Power Plant (Santa Cruz TPP), 977 MW from Furnas' increased equity interest in the Santo Antônio SPE, 928 MW from increased equity interest in the Teles Pires Hydroelectric Plant (Teles Pires HPP), 43 MW from the consolidation of 100% ownership in the Retiro Baixo Hydroelectric Plant (Retiro Baixo HPP), 119 MW from the consolidation of 100% ownership in the Baguari Hydroelectric Plant (Baguari) HPP, 6 MW from the consolidation of 100% ownership in the Ibirapuitã Wind Farm (Ibirapuitã WF, Livramento Wind Complex), and a reduction of 128 MW due to the transfer of a 49% stake in the Dardanelos Hydroelectric Plant (Dardanelos HPP) as part of a share swap operation between Eletronorte and Neoenergia.

Approximately 96% of Eletrobras' total installed capacity comes from low greenhouse gas (GHG) emission sources, contributing decisively to making Brazil's electricity mix one of the cleanest and most renewable in the world. Of Eletrobras' total installed capacity, about 94.6% comes from hydroelectric sources, 3.7% from thermal sources, 1.6% from wind sources, and 0.002% from solar sources.

It us also worth noting that of the total installed capacity leveraged in low GHG emission projects in Brazil, 36%, or 54.04 GW, belonged to Eletrobras or had some equity interest from Eletrobras through Special Purpose Entities (SPEs).

On January 2, 2024, Eletrobras concluded, together with its subsidiary CGT Eletrosul, the sale of the Candiota thermoelectric complex, the Company's only coal asset. Subsequently, on June 9, 2024, Eletrobras concluded, together with its subsidiaries Eletronorte and Furnas, the sale of its natural gas thermoelectric portfolio, reaffirming its commitment to being net zero by 2030. The average generation efficiency of the company's thermoelectric plants, in 2023, it was 34.27% for coal and 38.37% for gas, while its average age was 13 and 16.8 years, for coal and gas, respectively. Find out more details here and here.

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