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Energy Generation

We are the largest Brazilian electrical energy generation company. We produced 195 million MWh in 2020, enough to supply more than 1/3 of the annual
electricity consumption in the country.

Our installed capacity reached 50,648 MW in 2020, which represents 29% of the total installed capacity in Brazil. Of our total installed capacity, about 97% comes from clean sources, with low greenhouse gas emissions.

Among our 48 hydroelectric plants, 14 natural gas, oil and coal thermoelectric plants, two thermonuclear plants, 43 wind power plants and one solar plant, owned or maintained in partnerships, distributed throughout Brazil, we have some of the largest enterprises in Brazil and in the entire world, besides structuring and pioneering projects in the country.

Net Generation by Source (GWh) - 2020CorporatePartnerships (SPEs)TOTAL
Solar                       1.16                                   -                          1.16
Natural gas               5,725.90                                   -                  5,725.90
Wind                  673.00                       2,731.12                3,404.12
Uranium             12,866.46                                   -                12,866.46
Hydro          136,691.90                     35,381.79           172,073.69
Coal               1,100.25                                   -                  1,100.25
Oil                     11.66                                   -                        11.66
          157,070.32                     38,112.91           195,183.23

The data presented considers corporate ventures, partnerships, shared ownership and Itaipu Binational.

The Brazilian part of Itaipu, Tucuruí, Paulo Afonso Complex, Xingó, Angra 1 and Angra 2, Serra da Mesa, Furnas, Itumbiara, Teles Pires,  Belo Monte , Jirau, Sinop, Simplício-Anta, Santo Antônio, Wind Complexs Pindaí I, II, III, Casa Nova I A, II, III, Fortim and Megawatt Solar plant are only some of our ventures.

We seek to operate in new power generation businesses, such as engineering and environmental studies for the  hydroelectric use of the international stretch of the Uruguay River , developed in a partnership with the Argentine state-owned company Emprendimientos Energéticos Binacionales SA (Ebisa), and the  São Luiz do Tapajós and Jatobá hydroelectric plants on the Tapajós river .

 Inventory studies of the hydroelectric potential in the stretch of the Madeira River basin and its main tributaries located in Bolivian and Brazilian territory  will also be held in a partnership with Bolivia's National Electricity Company (Ende) and the Latin American Development Bank (CAF).

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