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Strategic Planning

2024-2028 Strategic Plan

The Eletrobras 2024-2028 Strategic Plan is a dynamic and permanent process for annual review of challenges, targets, and indicators, to reflect the current situation.

The new plan keeps the company's goal to become Green Major and states the commitment to transformation under four strategic guidelines that converge to create more value to shareholders, customers, and the society. ​

Guidelines that will guide Value Creation


To honor the commitment made, the plan provides for three different stages for development in short, medium, and long term. These initiatives relate to seven multidisciplinary subjects that reflect the company's biggest goals: climate management, health and safety, maximization of results, risk minimization, operational and financial efficiency, effective allocation of resources, and cultural change.

Value delivery activators


Access the 2024-2028 Strategic Pla​n here

Find out more details about the Plan and our objectives and goals for the coming years.


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