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Management and Monitoring

Eletrobras companies understand that it is essential to know, manage and monitor all elements that may impact their supply chain. In this regard, the Company has an established process to identify and classify its critical suppliers.

Critical supplier is one that supplies inputs, essential services for the company's core activity, however, other characteristics also define a supplier's criticality, such as:

  • Be unique or exclusive;
  • Directly impact the final quality of products and services;
  • Have access to information or a critical process;
  • Be hired for large amounts;
  • Demonstrate high probability for risks and negative impacts related to the environment, human rights, occupational health and safety;
  • Present a high risk to corporate integrity (for example, fraud or corruption, etc.).

The process of identifying critical suppliers of the company is carried out through an analysis based on the criteria established in the definition. All contracted suppliers are inserted in a tool called the criticality matrix that automatically generates a classification (high, medium and low) according to the score obtained in the sum of the criteria. 

Among the suppliers classified with a high degree of criticality, there are those who are classified as sustainability high risk suppliers. For Eletrobras companies, suppliers of high sustainability risk are those that supply coal, oil, gas or uranium as raw material for our plants, because for these materials we don´t have any other alternative for replacing.

Critical suppliers of Eletrobras companies - 2022



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