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Privacy Policy


We recognize the importance of privacy and security of the personal data of our customers, employees, suppliers, service providers and other partners, treated as a result of the business relationship. To express our respect for the principle of protecting privacy and the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), we have established the Personal Data and Privacy Protection Policy.

Our policy aims to establish guidelines for the processing of personal data, protecting the privacy of stakeholders, aiming at the management of personal data and the management of privacy incidents in the conventional or technology environment of our companies.

One of the most important aspects of our policy is that the commitment that the processes that involve the collection of personal data must be adjusted by the Eletrobras companies based on the concept of the minimum collection, with specific purposes and the respective consent, when applicable.

In addition to this Policy, the Regulation for the Governance of Privacy and Protection of Personal Data of Eletrobras companies was also prepared. Its main guidelines involve the processing of personal data, the rights of data subjects and the governance of risks to the personal data subject. The Regulation formalizes the activities of the privacy governance process, its actors, their roles and respective responsibilities, in addition to providing guidance on the record of processing activities and the data protection impact assessment.


To clarify any doubts, questions or concerns regarding the treatment of your personal data, please contact us.

Communication Channel 

To make a request, you can use our Privacy Portal, in Portuguese.

To make your request in English, use the email address dpo@eletrobras.com

We will respond to your requests within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date of your request.

Any and all requests for your personal data are free of charge.


The personal data processed by ELETROBRAS will be those strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the specific purpose proposed. If at any time it is necessary to process any sensitive personal data, we will employ even stricter security mechanisms and measures in order to guarantee the security of this information.

In the following, we state our position in relation to some types of treatment of personal data.

Personal data collect

Through our service channels, gathered on our page called "Contact Us", it is possible that your personal data such as name, phone and email are requested so that you can have the expected return with the clarification in relation to your requests made. Also, when accessing some of the features available on this site, some personal data, necessary for the correct functioning of the page, may be collected.

We are responsible for the security of personal data collected on our website. If it is necessary to redirect your access to the websites of other agencies or companies, the responsibility for any personal data collected is the responsibility of these other organizations.

In addition to the data mentioned in the paragraph above, Eletrobras processes personal data for employees, interns and contractors. Such treatments have records with specific information about the purpose of treatment.

Eletrobras does not operate in the energy distribution sector and, therefore, does not process the personal data of energy consumers.

Sharing personal data

We guarantee, as a general rule, that only Eletrobras has access to your personal data collected, and that it will not be shared with third parties, except by force of law or request by a competent authority, or even to answer questions or investigations by control bodies.

Eletrobras may share personal data with its controlled companies and suppliers, as long as necessary to meet requests made by the holder of personal data or any legal or contractual requirement. In some circumstances, Eletrobras may be legally required to share personal data to answer questions or investigations.

For this sharing, rights and duties of the parties are established, aiming to prevent the use of personal data in a different way from that established by the company and / or that violate the applicable privacy laws, only for a determined period, even after the end of the relationship between the parties.

Retention time of personal data

We inform that your personal data are kept only for the necessary period, according to the purpose that justified a particular treatment.

The criteria used to determine the period for which the data will be kept are, principally, but not exclusively:

• Until the specific purpose of processing personal data is achieved;

• As long as the demand or the statutory statutory term lasts, in defense of your rights or rights of Eletrobras;

• Until requests, complaints or suggestions are met.


During the period in which personal data remains under the control of Eletrobras, we will be committed to the adoption of conservation and security measures.

Eletrobras uses technical and organizational measures to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of its personal data processing, according to the company's Information Security guidelines, always seeking to prevent access and misuse from occurring.


To always protect your privacy, ELETROBRAS reserves the right to revise and change this Statement at any time, so we ask you to consult this document periodically.

Changes will take effect from the date of the last update.

Date of the last update: 06.05.2021