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​Management of Regulation

We monitor and manage regulatory issues related to the electricity sector and the performance of inspection agencies, regulatory agencies, industry associations and other institutions, in order to mitigate risks and contribute to ensuring the sustainability of our business.


Main activities​

  • Follow up the activities developed by the National Congress regarding the regulation of the electricity sector and to carry out constant monitoring of legislative proposals that impact our business.

  • Follow up the issue and analyze the impacts arising from ordinances, legislative proposals, resolutions, orders, hearings, consultations and other acts.

  • Contribute to public consultations and hearings promoted by regulatory agencies on issues relevant to our business.

  • Follow up the progress of activities carried out by representative associations in the sector.

  • Prepare int​ernal standards and procedures for the structuring of regulatory activities, besides promoting initiatives that result in the dissemination and strengthening of a "regulatory culture".​