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Ethics, Integrity and Sustainability

We are a company committed to the promotion of sustainable development and the dissemination of ethical principles and integrity throughout our value chain.


The Conduct Guide for Suppliers of Eletrobras​ meets the rules of conduct and anti-corruption, human rights, environmental, labour, and occupational health and safety practices that must be followed by our suppliers.


In addition, in our procurements we observe the aspects of corporate integrity established in the Anti-corruption Program of the Eletrobras Companies. Among them is the Due Diligence Form, a supplier evaluation process tool that aims to ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws.​

We also seek, in line with the Supply Logistics Policy of Eletrobras Companies, to adopt measures that contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in the contracts promoted and supply chain work processes. Therefore, it is essential that our suppliers are aware of and engaged with our corporate guidelines in line with the SDGs, access here and learn about all the commitments that we voluntarily adhere to initiatives aligned with sustainable development, the promotion of human rights and socio-environmental responsibility.

Performance indicators

Check out our performance indicators on the sustainability and integrity of supply chain management:​

20192020202120222023 target
% of critical suppliers monitored in relation to sustainability risks100%100%100%100%100%
% of critical suppliers who have environmental, labor, integrity, human rights or social clauses100%100%100%100%100%
Number of suppliers subject to assessments of environmental, labor, integrity, human rights or social aspects (critical suppliers)2040220722731825_
Due Diligence of Supplier exposed to fraud and corruption risks95%99,40%99,60%100%_
Level 2 Suppliers evaluated on Sustainability RiskND25%50%74%75%
Supplier due diligence on ESG aspects*NDND90%100%100%

*assessment covering aspects of human rights and the environment.


Eletrobras Companies Supply Logistics Policy

It guides the processes related to the logistics of supply of goods and services in our companies, aiming at sustainable development, the preservation of corporate integrity and efficiency in the acquisition and administration of goods and services.

Relationship with suppliers

Our commitments in the relationship with suppliers are in the Conduct Guide for Suppliers of Eletrobras​ and in the Eletrobras Code of Conduct.


Our relationship with suppliers is also based by laws, politics and norms that regulate our bids and contracting.

We hold regular meetings with suppliers to promote the constant engagement and align strategic information relating to contracting.​


Find out more on the Meeting with Suppliers​

Management and Monitoring

Eletrobras companies understand that it is essential to know, manage and monitor all elements that may impact their supply chain. In this regard, the Company has an established process to identify and classify its critical suppliers.

Critical supplier is one that supplies inputs, essential services for the company's core activity, however, other characteristics also define a supplier's criticality, such as:

  • Be unique or exclusive;
  • Directly impact the final quality of products and services;
  • Have access to information or a critical process;
  • Be hired for large amounts;
  • Demonstrate high probability for risks and negative impacts related to the environment, human rights, occupational health and safety;
  • Present a high risk to corporate integrity (for example, fraud or corruption, etc.).

The process of identifying critical suppliers of the company is carried out through an analysis based on the criteria established in the definition. All contracted suppliers are inserted in a tool called the criticality matrix that automatically generates a classification (high, medium and low) according to the score obtained in the sum of the criteria. 

Critical suppliers of Eletrobras companies - 2022



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