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​Purpose and Values


Taking care of the planet by delivering the energy we believe in.


We are guided and committed to:

  • ​Life comes first: Our commitment is to life and the environment. When it comes to safety, health and physical integrity, we prioritize the entire accident prevention cycle and spare no effort or resources to take care of our assets.

  • Our energy comes from people: Always learn and teach: knowledge is the basis for our people. We create an attractive environment with opportunities for learning, teaching, development and collaboration. All of our people are treated fairly and respectfully. Inclusion and psychological safety underpin our daily lives.​

  • Integrity always: Trust and integrity are the basis of our relationships inside and outside the company. Ethics, transparency and respect generate solidity and guide our interactions and attitudes that perpetuate in our business.​

  • ​Innovate to generate value: We are entrepreneurial and dare to build the future, taking risks and learning quickly, focused on strategy. We value and encourage knowledge by being protagonists in the current and future needs of our customers, which inspire us to always innovate.​

  • Our excellence makes a difference: We seek excellence with humility in everything we do and are committed to company-wide impact. Collective and individual results are recognized, rewarded with meritocracy and celebrated with enthusiasm.​