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​Risk Management​

The main purpose of the integrated risk management is to reduce the occurrence of events that could have a negative impact on our strategic goals, seeking to safeguard and create value and provide transparent information to the market and society.


Our integrated risk management model is based on the ISO 31000 standards, and the COSO 2013 and COSO ERM frameworks. This model identifies and consolidates, in a matrix, the strategic, operational, financial and compliance risks our companies are exposed to, for subsequent analysis, treatment and monitoring, besides communication to all stakeholders in a clear and objective manner.​

​Risk Management Policy of the Eletrobras Companies

The Risk Management Policy of the Eletrobras Companies guides the processes of identification, assessment, handling, monitoring and communication of the risks inherent to our activities, incorporating the risk vision to the strategic decision-making, in conformity with the applicable regulations and the best market practices.

Risk Management Policy of the Eletrob​ras Companies​