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The Eletrobras Portal follows the guidelines of eMAG (Government Electronic Accessibility Model), according to the norms of the federal government, in compliance with the Decree 5,296, of 12/02/2004.

The term accessibility means to include a person with a disability in the participation of activities such as the use of products, services and information. Some examples are buildings with wheel chair acces​s ramps and accessible washrooms for disabled people.

On the internet, accessibility refers primarily to the recommendations of the WCAG (World Content Accessibility Guide) of the W3C and in the case of the Brazilian government, the eMAG (Government Electronic Accessibility Model). The eMAG is aligned with international recommendations, and establishes accessible sharing standards for government websites.

In the upper section of the Eletrobras Portal, there is a menu bar where you can find the standardized navigation shortcuts and the option to change the contrast. These tools are available on all pages of the portal.

The standardized keyboard shortcuts for the federal government websites are:

Type Alt + 1, on any page of the portal, to go directly to the main content of the page.

Type Alt + 2, on any page of the portal, to go directly to the beginning of the main menu.

Type Alt + 3, on any page of the portal, to go to directly to the website search tool.

Type Alt + 4, on any page of the portal, to go to directly to the page footer.

These shortcuts are good for the Chrome browser, but there are some variations for other browsers:

If using Internet Explorer, press the Enter key after one of the above combinations. Therefore, to get to the website search tool type Alt + 3 and then Enter.

In the case of Firefox, instead of Alt + number, simultaneously type Alt + Shift + number.

If using Firefox on Mac OS, rather than Alt + Shift + number, simultaneously type Ctrl + Alt + number.

With Opera, the keys are Shift + Escape + number. By typing only Shift + Escape, the user will open a window with all of the ACCESSKEY alternatives for the page.

Laws and decrees regarding accessibility (content in Portuguese):

Doubts, suggestions and feedback

In case of problems with the accessibility of the portal, please contact us.​​