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Technology and Innovation

​We are always looking for new ways of operating and becoming increasingly more efficient in power generation, transmission and distribution. Thus, we reach and achieve results that add competitive advantage and combine the expansion of our business with social and environmental responsibility.

All of our companies make annual investments in internal research and development and publish calls for submissions of proposals and projects for scientific research and technological development programs. Since 2009, we have complied with the guidelines of our Research, Development and Innovation Policy and addressed this topic as a short-, medium- and long-term corporate strategy. 

Electric Power Research Center (Eletrobras Cepel)

The Electric Power Research Center (Eletrobras Cepel), the largest of its kind in South America, has an advanced infrastructure for applied research in electrical systems and equipment, aiming at the design and supply of technological solutions for generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization of energy. Due to its solid contribution to the country's technological autonomy, Eletrobras Cepel is a reference in Brazil and abroad.

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