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​​​System of Indicators for Corporate Sustainability Management (IGS System) – Environment Dimension

The development of the System of Indicators for Corporate Sustainability Management (IGS System) – Environmental Dimension meets a request from Eletrobras Companies, forwarded by the Environment Committee in the beginning of the 2000s and developed by the Electric Energy Research Center – Cepel. In 2020, the 2.0 version of the System entered into operation, which has a more modern interface.

By monitoring the environmental performance of all Eletrobras Companies, the System meets the principles and guidelines of their Environmental Policy and societies' demands.

The System has hundreds of indicators and variables, involving themes such as water, energy, waste, biodiversity, voluntary actions and compliance. The indicators and variables protocols are constantly discussed and updated within the Environment Committee (CMA) working groups and are also adherent to the GRI protocols. There are 311 performance indicators, 504 variables and over 370 users registered in the Environmental Dimension.

The IGS System features have several advantages, including the possibility that data from companies that perform different activities, but generate similar impacts, are reported in a consolidated manner. IGS System is, therefore, an important strategic tool, under continuous development, that, through its protocols, guides the measurement of quantities in different companies always in the same manner, assuring traceability, through a homologation system, and greater reliability of the data provided by different areas of Eletrobras Companies, whether administrative or operational. The IGS System also allows execution of periodic environmental management verifications by internal experts, and their results can be ensured in the development of the Annual Reports and the Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

In addition to being an important tool to aid the companies in their environmental management and for monitoring the indicators established by the Business and Management Master Plan of Eletrobras Companies – PDNG and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the system allows the companies to communicate their environmental performance to their target publics through customizable and traceable variables and indicators. The IGS System is, therefore, the main source of environmental data for the reports that Eletrobras Companies prepare and for the questionnaires to which they submit their answers.

The IGS System, the Eletrobras Companies Environmental Policy and the Eletrobras Companies Environment Committee - CMA comprise the pillars of Eletrobras Environmental Management System.

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