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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a customer of an Eletrobras energy distribution company. How do I get:

  • Receive the electricity bill?
  • Turn the light back on?
  • Be compensated for damage to equipment?
  • Ask for public lighting in my neighborhood or on my street?
  • Complaining about poor service?
  • Clear my name after paying off debt?

What are the Eletrobras companies?

Get to know the Eletrobras companies here.

How do I work at Eletrobras?

Learn how to work with us.

I want to intern at Eletrobras. How do I do. . . ?

Check here the information about our Internship Program.

I want to be a supplier to Eletrobras. What do I have to do?

Access the area of our website with information for those who want to become our supplier.

I have a sponsorship project. Where do I deliver it?

Visit the area of our website dedicated to sponsorships.

Does Eletrobras' Ombudsman investigate complaints?

The Ombudsman does not carry out investigations but forwards the complaints to areas that they can investigate and monitors the progress.

What does it take to file a report?

For a complaint to be investigated, there must be evidence or evidence that any infraction has occurred or is occurring, and such evidence or evidence must be presented at the time of registration of the manifestation in the Ombudsman System or the other available channels.

Can a whistleblower be identified and retaliated against?

We ensure confidentiality, independence, impartiality, and exemption in the treatment, investigation, and archiving of the information we receive in the manifestations. The rights of the protester are guaranteed, and they are safe from any kind of retaliation, whatever the result of the investigation.

What are the consequences for the complainant when the content of the report is proven?

Once the infraction is confirmed, our company must take corrective actions with different degrees of severity, depending on the type of error.

How soon will I receive the answer to my manifestation?

The term is 20 calendar days, counted from the registration of the manifestation, extendable, according to the need, for up to 10 calendar days. Some demonstrations, however, require more time to be determined, so the deadline may be longer. In these cases, the Ombudsman monitors the process and keeps the protester informed of its progress.

How do I know the results of Eletrobras' Ombudsman's work?

We publish on this website reports on the performance of the Ombudsman. See here.

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