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​Bylaws, Policies and Manuals

Eletrobras Code of Conduct

Eletrobras Code of Conduct.pdf

Eletrobras Bylaws

Eletrobras Bylaws

General Guidelines of Corporate Governance of Eletrobras 

General Guidelines of Corporate Governance of Eletrobras

Internal Regulations

Internal Regulations of the Board of Directors

Internal Regulations of the Audit Committee and Statutory Risks

Internal Regulations of the Management, People and Eligibility Committee​

Internal Regulations of the Strategy, Governance and Sustainability Committee

Internal Regulations of the Eletrobras' Fiscal Board 

Bylaws of Executive Board 

Manuals and Guides​

Compliance Manual Regarding Anti-corruption Policy

Conduct Guide for Suppliers of Eletrobras​

Manual for Communication of Material Facts and Policy on Trading in Securities Issued by Eletrobras

Manual for Participation in Shareholders Meetings of Eletrobras


Policies of the Eletrobras Companies

Lawsuit Agreement Celebration Policy

Anti-corruption Policy of Eletrobras Companies

Antitrust Policy

Conflict of Interest Management Policy of Eletrobras Companies.pdf

Corporate Information and Records Management Policy of Eletrobras Companies

Dividend Distribution Policy of Eletrobras

Eletrobras Companies Policy of Consequences

Energy Efficiency Policy

Environmental Policy

Financial Hedge Policy of Eletrobras

Information Security Policy

Management Remuneration Policy​​

Nomination Policy in the holding and controlled companies, affiliated companies, foundations and associations of Eletrobras' Companies

Personnel Management Policy for Eletrobras Companies

Policy of Communication and Engagement with Stakeholders of the Eletrobras Companies

Policy of Water Resources

Related Party Transaction Policy and Management of Conflict of Interest

Policy of Disclosure and Use of Relevant Information and Negotiation of Eletrobras Companies' Securities

Political of Managerial Selection and Appointment

Research, Developement and Innovation Policy

Risk Management Policy

Social Responsibility Policy of the Eletrobras Companies

Spokesperson Policy for Eletrobras Companies

Sponsorship Policy

Supply Logistics Policy

Sustainability Policy of the Eletrobras Companies

Policy of Protection of Personal Data & Privacy of Eletrobras Companies

Eletrobras Nomination Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy of Eletrobras Companies

Strategic Plan

Business and Management Master Plan (PDNG) 2021-2025

Business and Management Master Plan (PDNG) 2020-2024

Business and Management Master Plan (PDNG) 2019-2023

Business and Management Master Plan (​PDNG) 2018-2022​​

Business and Management Master Plan (PDNG) 2017-2021​

Strategic Plan of the Eletrobras System 2010-2020