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Access to Information

Accomplishing our role as a citizen company with ethical and transparent performance, we hereby provide data regarding our management for consultation and requests from public bodies and society in general, as determined by the Law on Access to Information (Law 12,527). This law, which came into effect on May 16, 2012, aims to promote broad access to public information of private or collective interest.

Classified Information

On May 16, 2012, Decree No. 7.724/2012, which regulates under the Federal Executive Branch, procedures for ensuring access to information and the classification of information under access restriction, subject degree and term of secrecy, in accordance with the provisions of Law 12.527/2011 (Law on Access to Information), has been published.

This decree stipulates, in its article 45, that all organs and entities of the Federal Executive Branch should disclose classified and declassified information on their websites.

Information deemed essential to the security of the company or the State, whose disclosure or unrestricted access may entail some of the situations provided for in clauses of article 23 of the Law No. 12.527/2011, shall be classified as confidential. Information whose secrecy is due to other legislation, such as tax issues, preparatory documents, restricted access materials and personal information, therefore, are not subject to classification.

Classified information in Eletrobras

To date, no documents that can be classified in the degrees extremely secret, secret or reserved have been identified, as provided for in Article 23 of Law No. 12.527/2011.


Eletrobras information with restricted access by other legal hypotheses

Restriction of access based on legal assumptions of secrecy, as provided for in article 22 of  Law No. 12.527/2011.

The classification regarding the access restriction is carried out following the guideline 5.4.4 of Eletrobras Companies Business Information and Document Management Policy. ​​​​​​

Personal and Privacy Information

The EDO-03 - Classification of Information standard, subordinate to Eletrobras Companies Document Management Policy, discusses on the classification of personal information in its item 5.4:

Personal information related to the intimacy, privacy, honor and image of employees should be restricted to legally authorized public agents and the person to whom they refer, subject to individual liberties and guarantees, for a maximum period of one hundred years from the date of its production, regardless of classification of secrecy.

The disclosure of personal information to third parties should only be possible when there is express consent of the person to whom they refer or by legal provision.

The improper use of personal information is the responsibility of the one who obtained the authorized access.

In 2020, there were no complaints of data or privacy loss, from clients and regulatory agents.